The Acupuncture & Pulse Balance Method (APBM) is based on Balance Method of Dr. Chao Chen / Dr. Tan, empowered by the Pulse Diagnostic system Pylsynergy by Dr. Jimmy Chang.

Dr. Chang has developed an accurate system of pulse diagnostics which teaches how to recognise a medical pathology and/or Zang Fu disorders by understanding the most commonly seen pulses. Dr. Chang has combined the knowledge of Neijing with enormous practical experience and applied his Pulse Diagnostic system to Herbal Medicine. Based on this understanding of pulses, he developed a unique approach of how to prescribe herbal medicine. His unique formulas and prescriptions are offered in our Herbal Medicine Shop.

Ekaterina Fedotova undertook extensive training with Dr. Chang and adapted his Pulsynergy Pulse Diagnostics to Acupuncture Balance Method. The knowledge of Pulse reading guides the therapist to the correct understanding of the pathology and helps to choose precisely the right meridians for needling.