• During 2 days of the course the participants will be introduced to the system of Acupuncture Balance patterns, which are easy to understand and implement into practice.
  • Ekaterina Fedotova will present and teach the acupuncture balance needling methods demonstrating how to instantly get rid of 90% of chronic pain.
  • After the training each participant will be able to achieve high level results in successfully treating any local musculoskeletal pain (numbness, burning, stiffness etc) of any origin.
  • Participants will learn meridian relationships, based on Balance Method teachings. They will also learn some important Master Tung’s points, relevant to the Balance Method.
  • The participants will be introduced to the concept and method of Emotional & Stress Release Techniques which can then be successfully incorporated into Acupuncture practice.



  • Historical roots or Distal Acupuncture Balance Method.
  1. Homo and Hetero- systems.
  2. Introduction of the fundamentals of Chinese medical philosophy including Tai Chi Theory, Yin-Yang, the Eight Trigrams and Ba Gua
  3. The Early Heaven Ba Gua
  4. Fu Xi Gua
  5. Application of Early Heaven Ba Gua and Fu Xi Gua in Acupuncture
  • Acupuncture Treatments:
  1. Lower Back Pain;
  2. Pain Upper Back;
  3. Pain Nipple;
  4. Tennis elbow;
  5. Achilles;
  6. Carpal Tunnel;
  7. Shoulder blade pain on SI;
  8. GB tension headaches.
  9. Matrix analysis: “Smart pick” to treat ANY local pain
  10. Nausea
  11. Headache 4 Gates; headaches all over, migraine;
  12. Magic points for headache,
  13. Migraine + Vomiting
  14. Hand’s Neuropathy
  15. Facial Paralysis – Bell’s paralysis – Wind stroke
  16. Trigeminal Neurolgia
  17. Paralysis after stroke
  18. Shingles
  19. Sacral pain
  20. Ren & Du problems
  21. Introduction to Scalp Acupuncture
  22. Neck & Shoulder pain
  23. Neck pain
  24. LBP Ling Ku Combo
  25. LBP Treatment for the pain radiating down the leg
  26. Sacral Pain
  27. Kidney problems
  28. Treating fingers and toes.
  29. Gout
  30. Rheumatoid Arthritis
  31. Elbow pain
  32. Knee pain
  33. Knee pain inside patella
  34. Pain around umbilicus
  35. Other patterns to treat any local masculo-sceletal pain ( numbness, burning, stiffness, discomfort etc).


  • The participants will be introduced to the concept and method of Emotional & Stress Release Techniques which can then be successfully incorporated into Acupuncture practice.
  • Strengthening Acupuncture treatment: Power of Forgiveness and Letting Go in Energy Medicine; This outstanding and extremely effective technique has been developed by a famous Russian psychologist Mira Moiseeva. It works like a ‘washing machine’ for our subconscious mind, washing away negative memories, destructive past experiences or any stressful situation.
  • Seven Points check list: gives a firm structure for self-analysis, positive re-programming and emotional release practice.
  • Releasing  emotional ‘baggage’ and Letting Go negative emotions: Formula of Forgiveness & Letting Go.



Lecturer: Ekaterina Fedotova MSc, BSc (Hons)

Ekaterina Katia Fedotova is a licensed acupuncturist, Reiki Master and certified Psychologist. She was taught by the world-class acupuncturist Dr Richard Tan and famous Reiki Master Mira Moiseeva. Katia has over 18 years of experience in Holistic Medicine as a trainer and therapist. She has been practicing Balance Method applied to acupuncture, colourpuncture and energy medicine and has taught workshops in England, Spain and Russia.

For more information about Ekaterina visit https://helianthusclinic.com/about-3/



£240 – Instant Pain Relief (2 days course).

Places are limited.


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