• “There is to be peace on earth; it needs to begin individually with each one of us”.

    Dr Hew Len

The holistic concept is based on the knowledge that behind each and every disease there is an emotional root: fear, anger, sadness etc. Moreover, in ancient Chinese tradition it was believed that in order to treat the body one needed first to treat the spirit. In our Academy, we combine spiritual awareness and energy medicine and  in order for us to achieve the best and most long-lasting results.


Acupuncture Balance Method

Acupuncture Balance Method is a superbly effective form of therapy that rapidly manifests results. It has an incredibly high success rate with a number of patients having

  • a 60-100% decrease of pain within one treatment;
  • fast recovery time;
  • 90% success rate.

Balance Method is based on concept of I Ching, it was developed by Dr Chao Chen and reinforced by Dr. Richard Tan’s 123 system and Master Tung’s selective points. This system, which represents acupuncture point selection, holds its roots in classic Chinese texts and philosophy, including the Nei Jing Su Wn, Ling Shu and I Ching.

BM is an effective and extremely valuable system that can complement and become integral to any form of practice.


Life Balance Method

“Illness is partly due to a blockage within the human energy system, and especially within the individual’s structure of emotional expression”.

Dr. Richard Gerber

Life Balance Method – a unique therapy, originating from the teachings of famous Russian psychologist and Reiki Master Mira Moiseeva.

The method consists of a powerful combination of effective psychological techniques, forgiveness, holistic coaching, counselling, meditation and Reiki, aiming at getting back into harmony with oneself.

The patient here is not only a ‘receiver’, but an active participant in their own healing.

According to Psychosomatic research, negative emotions such as Anger, Resentment, Guilt, Fear or Stress can develop problems and illnesses on a physical level.

When we forgive, we let these emotions go, and as a consequence the negative information becomes ‘deleted’ from the energy field. Thus, we improve our psychological and physical well being.

During a Life Balance Method session, the therapist helps to find those unwanted memories and guide a patient towards releasing them and setting a patient free from whatever holds him back. Patient is encouraged to be actively involved into the process of healing, applying Stress & Emotional Release Therapy techniques, which include Forgiveness and Letting Go exercises under the therapist’s guidance. The sessions can be accompanied by Reiki healing energy.

As a consequence of Life Balance Method, people have improvements on both emotional and physical levels: high blood pressure may drop down, skin may improve, organs and the whole body starts working optimally.