Upcoming Balance Method Seminar

Acupuncture with immediate results according to Dr Chao Chen & Dr Richard Tan

Clear strategy for pain relief in one session

No needles in the affected areas

Balance Method Seminar (Local Balance)

3d & 4th of March 2018

East Finchley, London

  • During 2 days of the course the participants will be introduced to the system of Acupuncture Balance patterns, which are easy to understand and implement into practice.
  • Ekaterina Fedotova will present and teach the acupuncture balance needling methods demonstrating how to instantly get rid of 90% of chronic pain.
  • After the training each participant will be able to achieve high level results in successfully treating any local musculoskeletal pain (numbness, burning, stiffness etc) of any origin.
  • Participants will learn meridian relationships, based on Dr Chao Chen and Dr Richard Tan teachings. They will also learn some important Master Tung’s points, relevant to the Balance Method.

    Students will be introduced to the pulse diagnostic system (according to the teachings of Jimmy Wei-Yen Chang (Zhang Wei Yan)).

    Students will learn and practice the most important pulses and their connections to Balance Method treatments.

  • The participants will be introduced to the concept and method of Emotional & Stress Release Techniques which can then be successfully incorporated into Acupuncture practice.


  • Historical roots or Distal Acupuncture Balance Method.
  1. Homo and Hetero- systems.
  2. Introduction of the fundamentals of Chinese medical philosophy including Tai Chi Theory, Yin-Yang, the Eight Trigrams and Ba Gua
  3. The Early Heaven Ba Gua
  4. Fu Xi Gua
  5. Application of Early Heaven Ba Gua and Fu Xi Gua in Acupuncture


Day 1: DNA Foundations, Essential

After completing this seminar, participants will have the complete outline how to treat the upper hand lower body pains with body DNA.

Day 2 & 3: Foundations and Essentials of Pulse Diagnosis

On the 2nd and the 3rd day Robert Doane will teach the participants the essence of MPD (Medical Pulse Diagnosis). He will guide you through the most commonly seen pulses in his clinic and their indications.

During the two days, participants will attend a hands-on workshop and learn to practically implement the knowledge learned in the theoretic parts of the seminar.

Robert will also discuss herbal formulas and herbal strategies.


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